Young Voters Have a Message For Joe Biden.

And he should probably listen.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

It’s no secret and certainly not surprising that this election is shaping up to be a struggle for Joe Biden. Alarm bells in the media continue to sound as poll after poll is released with Biden trailing Trump in critical swing states, and his disapproval rating remaining far higher than any incumbent seeking election would like to see. Of coure, there’s one group that Biden’s struggling to resonate with that he absolutely cannot lose: young voters.

Camila DeChalus with CNN writes:

“Young voters played a critical role in helping elect President Joe Biden to the White House. But now some progressive groups warn that the president will have to do more to win back support among these voters on issues such as gun reform, student debt, climate change and the Israel-Hamas war.

Dakota Hall — executive director of the Alliance for Youth Action, a national network of local organizations that aims to mobilize young voters — told CNN that Biden is running out of time to demonstrate to these voters, who were key to Biden’s coalition in 2020, that he will fulfill his 2020 campaign promises even as the president’s efforts to sign more bills into law are likely to be stalled in a divided Congress.

…“Young people work so hard to get them (elected) in 2020 … and they’re not necessarily feeling valued or like their work was appreciated because they’re not being listened to,” Hall told CNN…”

It’s one thing for me to say that Democrats take young voters for granted.

It’s another for a young man to use the platform given to him by CNN to tell us that that’s exactly how they’re feeling.

The response from the Biden administration in the article was exactly as one would have predicted, with Kevin Munoz saying:

“We are working hard to highlight how an extreme MAGA agenda would devastate the financial security, safety, and freedom of young people, and how President Biden and Vice President Harris are fighting for the future that America’s young people deserve,”



Lauren Elizabeth

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