You Can’t Sell Capitalism to Young People Anymore.

We just aren’t buying it.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readJul 17, 2019
Photo via Max Bohme on Unsplash

In a stunning new poll, 1 in 4 Americans say they do not plan on retiring, with money cited as one of the critical aspects of this determination. I would count myself among those who don’t see retirement in my future, and I can personally say this prospect is so thoroughly depressing that I just try to save what I can and simply not think about it. While this poll alone is devastating, it naturally speaks to a broader phenomenon.

This is why our economic system is so unappealing to younger generations. Is it any surprise, really, that we have been slowly becoming more and more enchanted with the idea of social democracy or even democratic socialism? Bernie Sanders is case in point to the appeal of this new movement, and the growing anti-capitalist sentiment among millennials and the new rising voice of the generation Z. We see our future under capitalism, and it looks bleak.

Of course, leave it to FOX news to put such a twisted spin on this new poll, that I would argue it’s nothing less than disturbing.

On their business network, FOX brought on Donald Luskin to provide a take on this new information, and he certainly delivered, stating that:

“…I guess I’m one of those people who plans never to retire. I mean, is…



Lauren Elizabeth

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