Why is Rep. Marjorie Greene Always So Angry?

It never seems to end for the Georgia lawmaker.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Every once in a while, I catch myself wondering if there’s anyone on earth who could possibly be more exhausted than Georgia representative Marjorie Greene. Her anger is nothing if not constant, and on occasion it will occur to me just how tiring that must be. It truly never seems to end, and that hasn’t changed in recent days. Yet again, Greene is in the headlines, if for no other reason than she’s…once again…upset about something.

In regards to what took place during a recent congressional hearing Brad Reed with Raw Story writes:

“…Marks also noted the horrific toll that COVID-19 took on America, as the virus killed around 1.1 million Americans and, at its peak, was killing over 3,000 per day.

Shortly after this, however, Greene jumped in to accuse Marks of peddling false information.

“I’m not a doctor but I have a PhD in recognizing bulls — t when I hear it,” the Georgia congresswoman declared.

“I’d like to point out to everyone that we knew early on … that the people that were at risk of hospitalization and dying of COVID were those that were obese, had diabetes, were over the age of 65. We also knew the children were at no risk, practically zero risk, of being hospitalized or of death from COVID-19. We knew the young people, healthy young people, were not at risk. However, Dr. Marks, you rushed through this process of authorizing these vaccines even though you knew the side effects.”…”

I mean, honestly, what is it like to be her?

What is it like to be this angry, ALL the time?

The thing with her is it seems genuine, too. Like she is actually viscerally angry at all times, about whatever she can possibly find. It’s what got her to this point though, isn’t it? But it’s not as though she’s angry about some sort of injustice, or even just a regular annoyance. In this particular instance, she’s angry that someone dared point out the lived experiences and human toll of the coronavirus pandemic, and the toll that it took on this country.

It’s incredibly difficult for me to put myself in the shoes of someone who is so angered and inconvenienced by objective truth. Angered not because it was some sort of injustice against her, or anything like that. Angered because it simply went against her own preconceieved notions and ideas.

Terrifying, isn’t it, that people who have literally made a career out of being this viscerally angry and close-minded are the ones who have been trusted to make votes and govern this nation?

What a world we live in.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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