Why I’m For Bernie Sanders Over Elizabeth Warren.

Right now, Bernie’s still my guy.

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Let me start off by saying that I really, really do like Elizabeth Warren. I am thrilled that she decided to run. She has a lot to offer, and the primary race is better with her in it. In a general election, I would gladly vote for her without hesitation. But it’s still early on in the primary season, with a couple weeks left before we even have our first debate, and while I’m determined to keep an open mind, personally I have not been convinced yet to pick her over Bernie Sanders.

I guess it all comes down to the issues that matter most to us.

If your top priority is student loan debt, I can absolutely see why Elizabeth Warren would be your favorite candidate. If your top priority is foreign policy and getting the United States out of the affairs of other countries, I can see why Tulsi Gabbard would be your top pick. They are phenomenal candidates and we are lucky to have choices.

But when pausing to consider the root causes of both those problems, we would of course have to name the rampant legalized bribery throughout our government. It is the heart of everything fundamentally broken in this country. It has led to the radicalization of the Republican Party, and allowed the Democratic Party to get comfortable with the idea of being paid to lose. That is why money in politics has been and will always be my single greatest issue when considering who to vote for, and no one has been a louder voice sounding the alarm and making the electorate aware of the problem than Bernie Sanders.

Where Elizabeth Warren has wavered on this issue, Bernie Sanders — like in every other instance in his political career — has remained steadfast and consistent. While Warren to her credit has at least been honest in her admission that she intends to take big money donations if she makes it to the general, Sanders is once again swearing off any of those contributions. It is no stretch by any means to suggest that Bernie Sanders is probably one of the key reasons some of the other candidates like Kirsten Gillibrand have sworn off corporate PAC money.

Aside from getting money out of politics, Bernie has also made another one of my top issues, healthcare reform, the center of his campaign.

I grew up in my little town with a young man named E.J., and we were six when he lost his mother to breast cancer. His little sister Samantha was just two. Sami by the age of twelve was on the county board for cancer research, and went on to raise over $100,000 dollars towards the issue. At sixteen, after a collapse before an AP exam her doctor sent her to get testing done in which they found a grade four weblike cancerous growth in her brain called a glioblastoma. It’s the same cancer that led to the death of Senator John McCain. Two years later, Sami was packing up her belongings so her family wouldn’t have to, and choosing what she wanted displayed at her celebration of life. Sami, who was bound for Cornell and dreamed of becoming a vet, passed away at the age of eighteen.

Sami’s death rocked my entire little community. While I did not know her well, it cannot be understated just how beloved she was by everyone that did. When I think of healthcare I think of Sami and the countless people across this country who are going through exactly what she went through, but many of whom are forced to make the inhumane and devastating decision to chose between more time with their loved ones and possibly being cured, or financial ruin for their families.

Above all other candidates, I trust Bernie Sanders to never falter in the fight for Medicare for All. He is outspoken in his belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and that is exactly the attitude we should expect from a leftist candidate. We deserve someone who tells us we are right to want better, and is there on the frontlines helping us achieve it. Again, Bernie is the reason we are having a national conversation about finally adopting a universal, single payer system.

So where does Elizabeth Warren stand on this?

Kyle Kulinski published an excellent video in which he analyzed her town hall answer on the topic of healthcare. She discussed a “pathway” to Medicare for All, and bringing “everyone to the table” on the discussion. Her answer was long, rambling, and showed no clear indication that she will be a solid advocate for implementing Medicare for All. When it comes to this issue and some others Elizabeth Warren is a follower, often too worried about political calculations to stand up and lead. Frankly, I just don’t trust her in this instance.

We need clarity and leadership, and in my view Bernie Sanders exhibits those qualities better than any other candidate in the race. For decades he has been a rock. A solid foundation there for the American people to fall back and rely on to fight for our best interests. He has proven time and time again that he values his principles and the needs of his constituents above anything else, and that is exactly what we need. Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air, and while I will of course vote for Elizabeth Warren in a general election there is no doubt in my mind that Bernie is our best choice.

Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at LaurenMartinchek@gmail.com or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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