Why Doesn’t President Biden Hold Press Conferences?

He’s running for reelection, so why doesn’t his team want him in front of the press?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMay 3


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As we all know, despite public sentiment towards the idea Joe Biden has decided he’s going to be running for reelection, looking to hold the office of the Presidency for four more years. I certainly count myself among the overwhelming majority of Americans who is definitely not looking forward to another seemingly inevitable rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But in the midst of the early campaign process, I happened to notice an interesting CNN screenshot shared by Aaron Rupar on Twitter pointing out the number of press conferences given between the last four Presidents at this point in their tenure.

Joe Biden was dead last by a wide, wide margin.

Barack Obama held 54, George Bush 44, Donald Trump 41, and Joe Biden has held 24.

I don’t want to pretend as though it’s a bigger deal than it is, but at the very least it’s something to take note of if Biden wants to get reelected. It certainly makes me roll my eyes, and wonder why the Democratic Party is trusting him to take part in another grueling campaign in his eighties while they don’t even seem to like to put him in front of a camera. You would think that they would be putting him in front of the camera more often if they were confident it would help him, which certainly tells us everything we need to know.

To be clear, I don’t expect him to necessarily put up the same numbers as the Presidents who preceded him, but it’s fascinating.

Much like I do when thinking about Diane Feinstien, I find myself questioning what compels these lawmakers to continue their career in these states of their lives. Joe Biden will be in his mid eighties when his Presidency is over if he gets reelected. He has a large family you would presume he would like to spend his time with, and it’s one of the reasons I certainly don’t fault Bernie for deciding not to run for President again. And unlike Bernie, Biden has reached the top in American politics.

Are Democrats really that panicked that they don’t trust anyone else to run instead? Is Biden really that interested in maintaining power he’s willing to spend his sunset years going through another grueling campaign and then four years as President afterwards?

I’m just more and more convinced they simply don’t trust that Buttigieg and Harris are ready, and that’s why they’re going to subject the American people to this election scenario once again.

Politics in America, baby.

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