Why Are Republicans Dying on the George Santos Hill?

The new congressman has to go, but they’re not going to make him.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJan 19, 2023
George Santos (via Andrew Harnik, AP)

All politicians lie, right?

At least on some level, we have to expect that the overwhelming majority are going to stretch the truth about something whether it be the impact of a lackluster piece of legislation they want to get passed, or the reason they couldn’t get something done that was on their campaign promise list. As unfortunate and irritating as it might be, politicians should simply be deemed untrustworthy by nature not just here within the United States, but in most parts of the world.

Ah, but then there’s politicians like George Santos who take it to an entirely different level.

At this point, we still don’t even really know his true legal name.

George Santos has lied about his work history, where he went to high school, where he went to college, his grade point average, founding an animal charity, having holocaust survivors in his family, and his religion. Oh, and he also took $3,000 from a dying dog’s Gofundme that was started by a homeless veteran.

And yet, the man is still getting committee seats. The Republican Party is clearly telling us they’re willing to die on this hill. They’ve been hoping to quietly…



Lauren Elizabeth

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