Why Are Democrats so Terrified of Change?

What is it that makes so many voters afraid to rock the boat?

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In a post-Detroit debate poll conducted by politico, we were offered an incredibly telling but disturbing insight in to the mind of a portion of democratic voters. A piece discussing the poll delved in to the topics explored, among which perceived electability was discussed. According to the piece:

“While primary voters see Biden as the most electable Democratic hopeful, the former vice president is also named most frequently by primary voters as the candidate they would absolutely not vote for.”

While I remain cautiously optimistic about Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren eventually emerging as the frontrunner, this is indicative of a deeply troubling phenomenon occurring within the Democratic Party, and it got me thinking. Why are so many of us afraid of change? Why are we so willing to bow our heads, and accept what is so fundamentally against our own best interests? Why is it that people will readily call Joe Biden the most electable candidate, even when all the evidence points to the opposite?

For far too long, we have been beaten down. For far too long we have been expected to capitulate, and compromise our ideals. We’ve watched as Republicans are praised for holding firm, while Democrats are warned that they can’t go too far because they have to win over some on the right.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are living in the middle of a movement, and we’re being offered the chance to elect someone who has a vested interest in fighting for the leftist ideals we’re constantly told just aren’t possible. We have an opportunity. Why not take it?

To be clear, I don’t blame the voters. I blame a pervasive corporate media narrative that has driven it in to the minds of voters that radical change is unnecessary and dangerous, and reminds me of just how many obstacles the left is actually up against. In a sense, we have been turned in to our own worst enemies.

We deserve so much better, and we can’t let fear of Donald Trump allow us to forget that. We deserve a candidate who will represent us to the best of their ability. For far too long we’ve compromised, and our elected officials have bent to the will of the right before they even had to. Just because we’ve gotten used to that, doesn’t mean we still have to accept it.

Regardless of who you support in 2020, vote for them because they represent you and your interests. If history has taught us anything, it’s that playing it safe hasn’t gotten us the best results. This primary season, go with your gut, and pick the candidate you want to see in office. That’s how we select someone who will be able to draw out the voters. That’s how we win.

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