When it Comes to Afghanistan Commentary, the GOP Has a Lot of Nerve.

They’re the last people we should be hearing from right now.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readAug 17, 2021


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What’s happening in Afghanistan is devastating. The images of countless desperate people attempting to flee after the Afghan government fell are difficult to process, and serve as a sobering reminder of the consequences of the policies of the U.S. empire, and a war that has spanned decades. But as we all struggle to process these recent events and everything that has led up to them over the course of the past twenty years and beyond, it’s been, shall we say interesting to see the right wing’s commentary on the matter, and GOP lawmakers in particular.

Among them has been my very own congresswoman Elise Stefanik, whose staff wasted no time in sharing her thoughts on the matter, writing on Twitter:

“The world is less safe because of Joe Biden’s leadership.”

Her tweet was in response to one from the House Republicans account, in which they had shared an image of the front page of The New York Post, with the headline: ‘BIDEN’S SAIGON: Prez scrambles to evacuate Afghanistan. We abandon women to Taliban savagery.’

This commentary really is rich, isn’t it, coming from the GOP?

George Bush took us into this war in the first place twenty years ago. A war that we had no exit strategy for whatsoever. Young adults who were babies when this started, and of course people who weren’t even born when the war started have been eligible to enlist and be sent over. What, exactly, was the plan, other than to occupy their country forever?

The GOP does not care about the Afghan people, or the safety of Americans, either for that matter. All this is to them is politics. They do not care about the Afghani citizens who are terrified of what’s to come and feel as though they have no other recourse but to flee. They do not care about the utter desperation and despair felt by so many. All they care about is gleefully eating up any time in the spotlight they can find in order to spout their talking points.

Of course, they all happen to leave out the fact that the GOP conveniently took down a webpage highlighting none other than Donald Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban.

Absolutely shameless.

War is ugly. There is never a clean ending with no lasting repercussions. And yet here we are, with the GOP thumping their chests because the media — who had their own role to play when it came to manufacturing consent for this war — is more than willing to allow them to. The GOP has no business pretending as though they had any better ideas. They were more than happy to get the people of Afghanistan into this mess — and frankly, Joe Biden was as well — and they have no other alternative besides stay forever, so why pretend that they do?

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