Wait, Trump’s Ahead Of Biden With Young Voters?

Let’s talk about some polling.

Lauren Elizabeth


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I’ve discussed many times how the alarm bells are and should be there for Joe Biden when it comes to this upcoming election. Unfortunately for Democrats, they only seem to be intensifying. With polls regularly showing Trump having a slight edge in swing states, there are other equally as alarming numbers in these polls as well.

Ken Tran with USA Today writes:

President Joe Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election matchup among young voters, an NBC News poll released Sunday found.

Among voters ages 18–34, Biden saw 42% support. That’s compared to Trump, who led him with 46% support. The poll is an early warning for Biden’s campaign ahead of the 2024 presidential election that young voters could be peeling away from him. Young voters were a key voting bloc essential to Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. An exit poll from NBC News in 2020 found Biden won voters aged 18–29 by more than 20 points.

Trump’s lead among this group, however, was within the subgroup’s margin of error in the poll, at plus or minus 6.2 percentage points…”

As the article makes sure to point out, it’s worth noting that these numbers are within the margin of error. But the fact that it’s even that close? That’s what should have this Democratic Party getting very concerned.

For years now, the left has argued that the Democratic Party takes young voters for granted. They sit back, twiddle their thumbs, ignore them, and then expect young people to just turn out and vote when they’ve given them no reason to do so.

Well, this is the consequence.

To have numbers like this is inexcusable, and falls squarely on the shoulders of lawmakers and leaders like Joe Biden. What they seem to fail to grasp is the fact that “but Trump” just isn’t enough. Not when people have student loan debt that’s burdening them for years. Not when they can’t afford a home. Not when they’re struggling to afford to pay for health insurance, or going without.

The American people deserve better. Young people deserve better. The Democratic Party simply expecting them to bail them out every single time is frankly disrespectful. Disrespectful to the circumstances of their voters, and how seriously they take the position of power they’re expecting to be elected into.

Why do they deserve votes when we can’t expect them to do anything?

If Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump in 2024, this will be the reason why. There’s still plenty of time for the Democratic Party to put in effort if they wanted to. They have a chance to show young people that there’s a reason to vote for them.

But will they take advantage of it?

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