Turns Out the GOP’s Not Really That Concerned About Mental Healthcare.

Their recent vote suggest they couldn’t care less.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo by Külli Kittus on Unsplash

When there’s yet another shooting here in the United States, particularly in schools, we can count on certain talking points from Republican lawmakers in response.

  1. “Thoughts and prayers”
  2. “This isn’t the time for demanding action”
  3. “The problem isn’t gun access, it’s mental health”

Ah, mental health.

They always go out of their way to feign concern in moments of trauma, don’t they? We all remember they stressed the need for more funding for mental health in schools following the slaughter of a classroom full of ten year olds and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

Well as it turns out, unsurprisingly they don’t care enough to vote in favor of legislation to address the problem.

Mychael Schnell with The Hill writes:

“The House passed a bill on Thursday that seeks to address mental health concerns among students, families and educators aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which lawmakers say had a “severe impact” on those three groups.

The bill, titled the Mental Health Matters Act, passed in a largely party-line 220–205 vote. One Republican, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), joined all Democrats present in supporting it.

The legislation, if passed by the Senate and signed into law, would provide grants to establish a pipeline for school-based mental health service professionals. Additionally, it would grow the number of mental health experts at elementary and secondary schools that are based in high-need locations…”

Wow, wait… Republicans lied?

Gee..Imagine that.

One single Republican voted for this. Only one GOP lawmaker could bring himself to offer more than rhetoric when it comes to something as serious as the mental health and wellbeing of kids.

And these are the people that claim to care about the kids, right?

Republicans claim that they’re on the sides of families, supposedly. They genuinely have no shame, and occasionally, even after all that time…



Lauren Elizabeth

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