Trump’s Trying to Have His Cake and Eat it, too.

Suddenly he’s not happy with the Special Master.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readSep 21, 2022


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If nothing else, Donald Trump is predictable.

Whether it be his refusal to pay contractors or lawyers, the mafia-like manner he runs his business and the GOP party, or his compulsive need to make himself a victim, he’s certainly reliable with his antics. Well as we all know, the former President once again finds himself in hot water regarding his theft of classified documents that ultimately led to the FBI raid of his Mar-A-Lago compound in order to retrieve them. In response to the DOJ investigation, Trump of course insisted on having a Special Master preside in what many have said is simply an effort to delay the investigation for as long as possible.

Unsurprisingly following the appointment of Judge Raymond Deary, Donald Trump is attempting to — in the Judge’s words — have his cake and eat it, too.

Judge Raymond Dearie repeatedly challenged Trump’s lawyers for refusing to back up the former president’s claim that he declassified the highly sensitive national security-related records discovered in his residence.

Dareh Gregorian and Adam Reiss with NBC report:

“…At a hearing in federal court in Brooklyn, Dearie noted that the case is a civil dispute, not a criminal one, but said he was taking the government’s concerns about national security seriously.

“Let’s not belittle the fact that we are dealing with at least potentially legitimately classified information. The government has a very strong obligation, as do all of us, to see to it that that information doesn’t get in the wrong hands,” said Dearie, a former judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court whom President Ronald Reagan appointed to the New York federal court.”

While Trump’s filing claimed neither side had provided a showing that the documents are classified, Dearie said the government had presented “prima facie evidence” that the documents are, because they bear classification markings.

“As far as I’m concerned, that’s the end of it,” Dearie said, unless Trump’s team has some evidence to the contrary.

Trump has claimed on social media that he declassified all…



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