Trump’s Possible Indictment is a Perfect Distraction.

Tuesday came and went, now here we are.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMar 26, 2023
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Well Tuesday has obviously come and gone, and here we are.

Still waiting on that reported Trump indictment.

Of course, given how much this entire situation has been hyped up it’s impossible to rule the indictment out completely of the picture, but am I the only one who still finds it so hard to imagine? Is this really where we are as a society, where even given all the evidence and the examples of what Trump has been responsible, we still can’t envision accountability? Have we really become this used to the powerful being able to escape meaningful consequences?

The longer this drags out, the more irritating the whole saga becomes. I find myself wishing they would just get on with it, and that the public could know once and for all what’s going to happen. The longer this drags out, the more convinced I become that Donald Trump made a conscious effort to get ahead of the game and intimidate the grand jury with threats of unleashing his supporters. They all saw what they did on January 6th, and know what could potentially happen again.

And they’ve just essentially let it slide.

No wonder he’s so convinced that he’s untouchable when he’s able to pull stunts like this. Why would he think otherwise?

At this point, I’m just so tired of the distractions and frankly, it feels like Donald Trump is probably loving this. As I and I’m sure many others have noted before, this reinvigorates the base and he knows it. As always, that’s the entire point. He knows that even if he is indicted that still doesn’t mean he gets convicted, and his base gets a renewed sense of passion about his campaign, and the idea that someone is out to get their beloved leader.

But in the meantime, people are still struggling to make rent. They’re still drowning in student loan debt. They’re still making less than living wages. They’re still struggling to afford to find affordable childcare. People are still dying because of a profit-motivated health insurance system that looks at your very existence as nothing more than something that can impact their bottom line.

And yet, the mainstream, multi-billion dollar corporate media organizations aren’t interested in any of that, are they? As we all could have predicted, they’ve zeroed in on the buzz around Trump once again instead, and he’s getting the attention he craves. Granted, it is objectively newsworthy, but it would be a little easier to stomach if the real kitchen table issues were of any concern to them whatsoever.

But no, here we are yet again with constant coverage of the latest drama surrounding the former President.

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