Trump Wants His Trial Televised. Here’s Why That Cannot Happen.

Under no circumstances should that be on TV.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Trump has had his share of legal troubles, hasn’t he?

As if the man’s entire career hasn’t been riddled with them, Trump faces four indictments in charges ranging from business fraud to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. He certainly hasn’t shied away from it, knowing all too well that his base of rabid supporters are going to eat it up. In fact, the former President is attempting to take it one step further, and is calling for his trial to be televised.

Alanna Durkin Richer with AP writes:

“Donald Trump is pushing for his federal election interference trial in Washington to be televised, joining media outlets that say the American public should be able to watch the historic case unfold.

Federal court rules prohibit broadcasting proceedings, but The Associated Press and other news organizations say the unprecedented case of a former president standing trial on accusations that he tried to subvert the will of voters warrants making an exception.

The Justice Department is opposing the effort, arguing that the judge overseeing the case does not have the authority to ignore the long-standing nationwide policy against cameras in federal courtrooms. The trial is scheduled to begin on March 4…”

Obviously, regardless of how hard his team fights to make this happen or how strongly he feels about it, this trial absolutely cannot be televised and the reasons should be pretty clear.

We’ve all seen what this base is capable of. We all watched them riot in Washington DC, calling for the hanging of Mike Pence and chasing him down, forcing him to escape with them just seconds behind. They have told us how violent they are, so of course we should believe them.

Could you imagine the danger that people prosecuting Trump and the Judge would be in if this trial wA televised, as if they’re not in danger already for simply being associated with it? What about their families? Does anyone actually trust this base not to actively attempt to harm these people when they’re seeing them on the television on a consistent basis?

They already know their names.

It should go without saying that they don’t need their faces plastered all over the 24/7 news cycle. And then, of course, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why Donald Trump deserves to be the exception to the rule about these things? The man wants this televised because he would use that level of publicity as a weapon in order to effect the trial in any way that he can.

Just as the base has told us who they are, Trump has as well. This is all about advantages and his campaign, nothing more. And clearly, he doesn’t care if he gets people hurt.

Keep his trials off the television.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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