Trump Told a Crowd of Supporters He Got the Booster Shot. They Booed.

Frankenstein’s lost control of the monster.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo via Andy Jacobsohn, TNS

Once again, Covid is ripping through the country at unprecedented rates, with Omicron variant caseloads doubling every two days. Of course, in the midst of it all it’s been interesting to see politicians like Donald Trump begin to change their tune on vaccinations. After the all too familiar drum beat of “freedom” and categorically refusing to encourage the GOP base to get vaccinated, Trump and other GOP figureheads have changed their tune. Unsurprisingly, considering the corporate interests that fund them have a vested interest in people being healthy, vaccinated, and back to work. That said, it’s been fascinating to watch people like Trump attempt to navigate it all.

At a recent event with a crowd of supporters, Trump told them he had gotten the booster shot. The crowd booed in response.

Ah, it seems as though it was only yesterday when we thought Trump was the monster the GOP was going to struggle to control. Unfortunately, it seems, he was merely the tip of the iceberg.

If there weren’t such deadly consequences, it would almost be funny to watch the GOP figure out how to handle this mess that they created. Funny if only for the simple fact that it’s all their creation. They created Trump, and Trump created the rabid base that’s become something they cannot help but fear. After spending decades upon decades manufacturing doubt, minimizing and vilifying science, can we really be surprised that this is what the GOP has devolved into?

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is still the Godfather of the Republican party. I’m sure we would be hard pressed to find a single booing Republican in that crowd who isn’t hoping he runs again in 2024. But this is how deep the culture war has gotten. This is engrained the rejection of anything even remotely tied to inconvenient science and data has become. Their Godfather halfheartedly encourages them to do something that could potentially save their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and their response is to outright reject it.

A significant percentage of this country is simply willing to die just to “own the libs”.

We’ve almost grown so used to it sometimes I find myself forgetting that it really didn’t have to be this way. We didn’t have to lose over three quarters of a million people. But one political party decided that it’s politically advantageous for them to denounce anything that might save the lives of their constituents in the name of “freedom”, and the other seems to be too scared to rock the boat for big business in order to accept that things are once again spiraling.

America, baby.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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