Trump is Already Having a Field Day With Ron DeSantis.

The botched campaign launch gave him a lot of material.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMay 25


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As if it wasn’t satisfying enough to know that Ron DeSantis’ campaign is essentially over before it even started, it was impossible not to enjoy the fact that his announcement with Elon Musk on ‘Twitter Spaces’ went about as terrible as one would expect. They were delayed, the server crashed, there were hot mics galore, and it was an absolute disaster.

Obviously Donald Trump was going to run with it, right?

Well, run with it he did.

Donald Trump was flooding Truth Social with videos mocking the debacle, some of which were downright funny. The former President is having a field day, and personally I’m not sure there’s anything Trump’s looking forward to more than the ability to really attack DeSantis the way he has so clearly wanted to probably ever since he left office.

So, how’s DeSantis responded?

The Independent reports:

“…Fresh off the heels of a glitchy announcement about his bid for the Republican nomination for 2024, Mr DeSantis was asked about Mr Trump’s myriad nicknames for him (which include, but are not limited to, Meatball Ron, Ron DeSanctimonious, Tiny D, and RonDishonest) and laughed them off.

“You can call me whatever you want just make sure you call me a winner because that’s what we’ve done in the state of Florida — and that’s exactly what we would do nationally, not only in the election but actually bringing all these great policies to bear” he said, without mentioning Mr Trump by name, in an interview with Fox News Tonight…”

“Call me a winner…”

If that’s any indication at all of how DeSantis is going to approach the campaign and respond to all the attacks coming his way, it really is done. The man is too vanilla to go toe to toe with someone as intense as Donald Trump, and will not stand a chance. DeSantis is terrifyingly effective when he’s in power, but this approach will get him nowhere in a national election. He’ll be humiliated on the debate stage maybe once or twice, and call it quits.

Personally, there is no one I would rather see fail than Ron DeSantis.

As for the donor class though, it will be very interesting to see how they approach this situation should it go how we think it will, and DeSantis gets nowhere. Will they attempt to turn to someone else in a last minute effort to keep Trump from getting the nomination? Will they go along with Trump and bow their heads, or decide he needs to be stopped at all cost and align against him?

One thing’s for sure, they created a monster that they’re not sure how to deal with.

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