Trump is Already Attacking Biden From the Left.

What this means moving forward.

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Photo via Joe Biden on Instagram

It’s no secret that progressives — myself included — have strong feelings about Joe Biden being the democratic party’s nominee. A primary concern with Biden going head to head against Trump in the general had to do with Trump’s (faux) populist appeal, which we saw of course in 2016 that centrist, establishment candidates do not have. This naturally creates space for Trump to attack from the left, and Trump is already doing it again.

The President recently took to Twitter to draw attention to Joe Biden’s role in the 1994 Crime Bill, which he not only voted for but wrote and still supports and vehemently defends to this day.

In his tweets, Trump of course slammed that bill.

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I am under absolutely no impression that African Americans will suddenly turn around and vote for Trump because of this. That being said, pointing out skeletons in Biden’s closet is admittedly a very savvy move, and one that leftists have foreseen coming since before Biden even officially entered the race.

Young people in particular — a demographic democrats have come to rely on in order to win — view voting as a chore rather than a civic duty. Who can blame us? Voting requires standing in line oftentimes for hours, and often leaving work or school in order to do so. We want to be excited about the candidate we are voting for, and Trump pointing out a disastrous voting record is an excellent way to minimize that enthusiasm. Less enthusiasm, less turnout. It’s the simplest of concepts, but remains one that establishment candidates and media both deny as a factor. It’s not a candidate’s poor record that keeps us from turning out in their eyes. No, we’re just lazy.

Trump knows exactly what he has to do in order to beat Joe Biden, and he’ll play on establishment narratives and voter disenfranchisement in order to do it. Those who don’t want to see another four years of Trump should probably make sure that Joe Biden is not the nominee. Donald Trump runs as a populist, and whether it’s authentic or not is irrelevant when it comes to his base. The only way to defeat a populist message this day in age is an alternative populist message.

Biden sees himself as the hero in the race, ready to coast to the nomination on Obama’s coattails all while telling everyone to just settle down.

I’d absolutely love to be able to settle down, Joe. But we can’t.

The 2016 election is the ultimate case study proving that this sort of strategy will not cut it in a general election, and staying as far away from voters as possible won’t either. Trump is already implementing the strategies that helped him win in 2016, and we need a candidate who can rise to that challenge in a way that a center right candidate like Joe Biden just can’t.

Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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