Trump, Food Stamps, and the Escalation of Class Warfare.

How Trump’s proposed cuts further prove the escalation of the war against the poor.

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Perhaps since the very moment his campaign began, when Donald Trump rode the Trump Tower escalator down to his podium and started his ascent to the Presidency, the left has been sounding the alarms that his populist message was a fraud. As if there wasn’t enough proof to determine this over the last few years, Trump has unfortunately offered us more.

According to a report by CBS News:

“The Trump administration is proposing a rule that would limit Americans’ access to food stamps, reportedly removing more than 3 million people from the federal program. The plan would eliminate automatic enrollment in food stamps for poor families who receive welfare benefits. The rule would erase what U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue called a “loophole” in welfare benefits. Currently, 43 states allow families who qualify for the federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, or TANF, to automatically receive food-stamp benefits, a link that the USDA wants to sever. Ending that practice would cut food-stamp spending by $2.5 billion per year, the Reuters news agency reported.”

In order for this to sink in, it’s important that we put these numbers in to perspective.

Politico reports that Trump’s own department’s analysts now peg the 10-year cost of his tax cuts at $2.3 trillion. That’s 230 billion dollars a year over ten years. In order to mitigate the this budget short fall and “cut costs” that would save only a little over one percent of that amount, Trump is attempting to take money for food away from 3 million people.

In 2018x Mother Jones broke down the effects of the new tax policy by class, and reported that:

“Households earning less than $25,000, for instance, would get an average tax cut of $60, and middle-class households would get $900. Meanwhile, the top 1 percent of households would receive a cut of $51,000. Over time, that disparity gets even worse.”

To be clear, so that the top 1 percent of earners in the country could save an average of $51,000 dollars, Trump is willing to take food off the table for 3 million Americans. Another way of looking at it: the amount of money saved by this Food Stamps cut would build a measly 25 drones for the military. It’s also worth noting that that’s a liberal cost estimate of that equipment (reporting varies on cost, anywhere from around 130 million to 200+ million per drone).

This is class warfare in the ugliest, most overt and cruelest form. This proposal is yet another indication of a dying capitalist system, left to feed on the carcasses of everything and everyone it’s already stolen from and left virtually destroyed in its wake. For far too long, the right wing has painted an image of the poor in this country as leeches, scapegoating and demonizing the needy while the real leeches take even more of what little we have. How long can we sustain this? How long will the poorest and most vulnerable among us continue to be beaten down and taken advantage of?

Those in favor of capitalism like to quiet the critiques, and claim it’s a system just in need of reform. I would argue there is no saving something this functionally immoral and unjust. We are operating under a system that — by design — is liable to self destruct and take the masses down with it. At some point that I would argue is quickly approaching, we will have no choice but to save ourselves before it is too late, and replace our capitalist economic system and culture all together. Not only will it bring down the poor if we don’t, it will bring down global civilization all together.

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