Things Continue to Get Worse For Joe Biden.

Democrats are not prepared to deal with this.

Lauren Elizabeth


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For months now,I and many others on the left have argued the alarm bells should be going off for Democrats when it comes to President Biden. Its been clear since before the election season even began that the American people did not want what is now looking like the seemingly inevitable rematch between Biden and Trump, and it’s frankly been getting tiring about how the red flags are there when it comes to the polling, particularly in swing states.

But this election is critical, there’s a lot to watch out for, and it seems as though the media is beginning to really take notice.

Harry Enten with CNN writes:

“...Take a look at recent national surveys from CBS News/YouGov, CNN/SSRS, Fox News, Marquette University Law School and Quinnipiac University. All five are high-quality polls that meet CNN standards for publication.

All five give Trump an advantage of 2 to 4 points over Biden among registered or likely voters. On their own, none of these data points mean too much. Trump’s lead in all of them is within the margin of error. Averaged together, though, they paint a picture of an incumbent with a real problem.

Over the past 80 years, incumbents have, on average, led their eventual challengers by a little more than 10 points about a year out from the election. This includes nearly every incumbent for whom we have polling since Franklin Roosevelt in 1943…”

At this point, the problems that lie ahead are undeniable.

The question is what are Democrats going to do about it, because neither of the main problems seem like something they’ll be able to fix. Joe Biden’s only going to get older, and he’s given us no reason to believe his platform or unwillingness to put any effort into keeping his promises is going to change, either.

Quite frankly, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Once again, Democrats are showing us how little they think of their voters, and how much they take support for granted. As bad as Trump might be, they refuse to acknowledge that Joe Biden has clearly yet to prove to American voters that he is willing of their time to go to the ballot box, stand in line, and show support.

“But Trump” did not work in 2016, and it won’t work now. In 2020, the American people were willing to give Joe Biden the benefit of the doubt because Trump was so terrible. But, what’s changed for them? What has he done to show them he’s worthy of another shot? It’s not that I think people who voted Biden are suddenly going to turn to Trump.

They’ll just stay home instead.

One time will tell what Democrats are going to do in the months ahead.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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