The War in Ukraine Might End, but Instability There Certainly Won’t.

Imperialism is a cancer.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMar 17, 2022


Photo by Eugene on Unsplash

We are in the fourth week of war in Ukraine, and there is no end in sight.

There are many stories spread in the fog of war where we might not know the exact details of what occurred for quite some time, but there’s a story I stumbled across on Twitter that has lingered in the back of my mind since I found it.

Reuters shared a satellite image of a drama theater in the city of Mariupol, with a Russian word painted in white outside of the building. The caption read:

“The word ‘children’ was painted in large Russian script on the ground outside the Mariupol Drama Theatre, Maxar satellite images collected on March 14 showed. Ukraine accused Russia of bombing the theater on Wednesday. Russia denies the attack…”

While we should always air on the side of caution when consuming media that’s coming immediately out of a war zone, the fact that you can literally see the word “children” painted in Russian outside of this theater is clear, and so are the images of the remnants of the building after it was bombed.

As I write this, the number of casualties is not yet known.

While I looked at the images, it occurred to me that while the war in Ukraine might end, the instability certainly won’t.

It occurred to me that so long as these current global power dynamics remain, it will be one of the many countries touched by imperialism that will not know peace for the foreseeable future.

In the eyes of both Western Powers and Russia, Ukraine has really been nothing but a post cold-war pawn. A piece on their geopolitical chessboard. Even when this current war is over, the fact still remains that it will never really be “Western” enough for Western Europe who simply views it as a necessary buffer state from the East, and Russia wants it as a buffer state of their own from the West.

So long as these dynamics are at play, how can Ukraine ever know peace?



Lauren Elizabeth

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