The State of New York, vs. Donald J. Trump.

Donald’s home State is leading the charge in exposing his questionable financial empire.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo via Donald Trump on Instagram

It is a well documented fact that the Trump empire is a financial house of cards. The public interest in his shady business practices has dramatically increased after Trump vowed to block the congressional subpoena for his financial statements from Duetsche Bank and Capital One. The Trump administration has every intention of keeping the issue entangled in the courts until after the election. But it’s moving through the court system much quicker than they ever imagined, and Trump is beginning to show signs of panic.

Judge Ramos of the Southern District of New York was the second Judge to decide that the House has every right to subpoena Trump’s financial records. While this marks a major setback for the administration’s effort, they have no intention of backing down.

According to CNN:

“Ramos’ decision starts a one-week clock for Trump’s legal team to find a way to hold off the banks from handing over decades or more of extensive information about Trump, his businesses and his family members, including White House adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.”

This latest ruling coming from the Southern District of New York is even more interesting when we consider how the district has become the hub of the investigation in to Donald Trump’s questionable financial empire.

The magnitude of the investigation taking place in New York cannot be understated. A report by NBC highlights the fact that this district, made up of 220 Assistant U.S. attorneys, is used to high profile cases as one of the largest and most independent courts in the country. To get hired as an attorney in this district has been known to be an incredibly competitive effort, and attracts some of the best legal minds and lawyers in the country.

Now, the efforts in New York to bring an end to Trump’s financial facade have broadened even further.

According to Reuters, the New York State Legislature passed a bill that would make it far easier for congress to obtain Trump’s state tax returns. The Reuters article goes on to state that:



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