The Silver Lining of the Bloomberg Campaign.

There is at least one good thing coming from his Presidential run.

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Photo via Mike Bloomberg on Instagram

It’s no secret that I am vehemently opposed to Mike Bloomberg, so much so that I’ve determined he is the only one running for that Democratic nomination that I’m not sure I could bring myself to vote for, but I’ve come to the realization recently that there might be at least one silver lining to his campaign.

Bloomberg is undeniably the prime example of everything that Bernie has been talking about for virtually his entire political career. Mike Bloomberg is nothing more than a more palatable version of Donald Trump, and has been an incredibly revealing force in terms of other Democratic lawmakers and pundits who have endorsed him. We now see them unmistakably for who they are, and are able to respond accordingly. The brazen hypocrisy of the “Bernie’s not even a democrat narrative” coming from corporatist conservative Democrats who remain silent about or support Bloomberg is now on full display, and serves as a clear indication of their character.

Mike Bloomberg is the personification of the corporate rot and nearing irreconcilable divide in the Democratic Party between the old guard and the new, running for the sole purpose of getting just enough Democrats to stop Bernie Sanders from securing the nomination. Not only that, this is coming down to a debate between democracy and plutocracy. Now that he will be appearing on the debate stage however infuriating it might be that he’s there, at least Bernie Sanders will be able to look at him and tell the voters that he is exactly the sort of billionaire and politician he’s been talking about for years. No one serves as a better motivator and affirmation of Bernie’s message than Mike Bloomberg.

In my view, Bernie could not have asked for a better centrist to run against. It should go without saying that out of all the candidates on stage, more and more evidence emerges to suggest that Mike Bloomberg’s record is the most abysmal of all. Considering his near unstoppable momentum, having two racist New York Billionaires that are the antithesis of everything he represents could not be better for Bernie. Given the rhetoric they have directed at Bloomberg, it seems his campaign is fully aware of the threat he poses and will not be shy in highlighting who Bloomberg is and everything that he represents. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing Bloomberg take the stage and have his record challenged critically once and for all. Perhaps the best part of all is that it won’t just be Bernie looking to take a dig at the former New York City mayor. I have a feeling the centrists, and Joe Biden in particular, are eager to share the stage with the man purchasing his way to a top tier candidacy in the national polls.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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