The Richest Senator in the Country Wants to End Social Security and Medicare.

No more hiding the true nature of their positions. This is war.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readAug 6, 2022


Rick Scott via Bonnie Cash/Pool/AP

It’s been all out warfare waged by the GOP lately, hasn’t it?

Between the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and effectively turning our bodies into property of the state, their desire to come for gay marriage next, or the coordinated, systematic attack on public education, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the various wars on our rights being waged on multiple fronts.

Well, we’ve been reminded recently that there’s still more on the Republican Party’s chopping block and this time, they’re just not even bothering to hide it.

Recently, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has been reiterating his desire to essentially just get rid of Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

Amy B. Wang with The Washington Post writes:

“…In an interview that aired Tuesday on “The Regular Joe Show” podcast, Johnson, who is seeking a third term in the Senate, lamented that the Social Security and Medicare programs automatically grant benefits to those who meet the qualifications — that is, to those who had been paying into the system over their working life.

“If you qualify for the entitlement, you just get it no matter what the cost,” Johnson said. “And our problem in this country is that more than 70 percent of our federal budget, of our federal spending, is all mandatory spending. It’s on automatic pilot. It never — you just don’t do proper oversight. You don’t get in there and fix the programs going bankrupt. It’s just on automatic pilot.”

Johnson suggested that Social Security and Medicare be transformed into programs whose budgets are appropriated by Congress on an annual basis. He pointed out that budgets for the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are approved as discretionary spending…”

He’s not alone.

Florida’s Rick Scott had the same talking points on CNN.

It’s certainly worth noting that Rick Scott, this man who wants to destroy what’s left of our social safety net that we pay into for our entire working lives, is the richest person in the



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