The Real Reason Centrists Keep Bringing Up Bernie, Hillary, and 2016.

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As we all know, Joe Biden has solidified his position as the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States after Bernie Sanders made the decision to suspend his campaign. Since then, I can’t help but reflect on the near constant drumbeat following Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss in the 2016 election against Donald Trump, involving Bernie Sanders, his supporters, and how ultimately his movement was responsible for the loss.

Of course in the weeks since super Tuesday, and even during the weeks that Bernie Sanders was the frontrunner while Biden’s campaign was all but dead, that conversation resurfaced and continued to be a dominant narrative in the discourse surrounding the 2020 election. Now that all is said and done, it’s occurred to me that besides delegitimizing Bernie Sanders and his base, excuses for 2016 continue to be brought up in order to lay the groundwork for an inevitable loss in November.

According to a recent poll, 56 percent of democratic voters want to replace Joe Biden with Andrew Cuomo for the November election, while only 44 percent want to stick with Biden.

Frankly, I will be shocked if Joe Biden manages to win this election.

As much as I dislike and even despise Hillary Clinton, there is no denying that Biden isn’t even half the candidate that she was. Clearly, the democratic party establishment is fully aware of the situation they have gotten themselves in to, and are already scrambling for ways to explain away the loss that’s almost guaranteed to happen. Bernie Sanders has been the simplest solution in absolving themselves from any responsibility for the past five years, and even now they will continue that tradition. There is literally nothing Bernie could have said or done differently. Even after cutting the primary season almost in half by suspending his campaign, the democratic party will still turn to him as the all too reliable scapegoat.

For the Democratic party establishment it feels as though he has evolved in to their favorite excuse to avoid any reason for introspection or rethinking of electoral strategy. Why consider the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t campaign in Wisconsin, was one of the most deeply unpopular candidates who’s ever run, and snubbed Bernie’s base at every turn when Bernie Sanders himself is right there to blame? Fast forward 4 years later, and here he is again to blame as opposed to the fact that Joe Biden can barely form a coherent sentence.

It feels as though the democratic party has never had any interest in winning, particularly in this election. Only a little over a month ago Bernie Sanders was the frontrunner on his way to becoming the democratic nominee, and the party took him out at the knees. The democratic party had the opportunity to embrace the energy and enthusiasm that would not only make a win in this election cycle far more likely, but potentially guarantee democratic victories for years down the line. Instead, the democratic party has done everything they could to destroy it, turning that energy and enthusiasm that could have been their path to victory in to a convenient, boring excuse for their loss.

I have no patience for the buyers remorse.

This is not about being right in the end. The thought of Donald Trump having another four more years in the white house and paving the way for his son or daughter to run in 2024 makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. But I refuse to entertain the idea that any responsibility for what’s likely coming falls on Bernie Sanders or his supporters when he has been damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t since he announced his first presidential run. What the party fails to understand is that for many of us and myself included, he was the compromise candidate. We are not the voters they are used to. I just turned 25 in February, and have already experienced an economic recession and what is likely turning in to a second great depression. I have no patience for blind party loyalty when I’m in the middle of living the consequences of where that attitude has gotten us. If no concessions are made to Bernie’s wing of the party and that results in a loss in November, then that loss is not the fault of Bernie or his supporters.

The democratic party has made their bed, they will have to lie in it. There is absolutely nothing Bernie could have said or done that will change that outcome if the democratic party chose to coalesce around the one candidate that all the others decided to run against because they knew how weak he was. Biden does not have what it takes, and while I know Bernie will try (even though it isn’t his responsibility), he isn’t going to be able to drag him over the finish line.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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