The ‘Leader of the Free World’ Is Holding His People Hostage.

What are we supposed to do?

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The Trump administration is in a full blown panic over the direction that these investigations in to his finances are taking, and Trump has made sure that WE will be the ones to pay.

After a meltdown in a meeting with democratic leaders that was supposed to be about the country’s infrastructure, Trump stormed out and took to the press. He wasted no time telling the media that there would be no more discussions with democrats about not just infrastructure, but drug prices as well until the congressional investigations were put to an end.

No talks on drug prices.

This is not governing of any kind. This is not playing cards right in order to achieve what you want. The President of the United States, the supposed leader of the free world and symbol of democracy has reduced us to nothing but a political tool. He has taken our lives and the lives of people we love, and turned it in to a game.

When it comes to our government, I have been frustrated. I have been angry. I have felt hopeless. But I truly cannot remember ever feeling this powerless. You and me, we aren’t people in his eyes. We are a commodity. Nothing more than a cheap product to be waved around and tossed aside like a toy.

I guess I don’t know why I’m so surprised. This is just the end result when our system of government allows corporations to buy our politicians, and fills our congressional and senate seats with nothing but empty suits that are programmed to do their bidding. We have taken the humanity out of our government, and the man in the highest office in the land is exploiting the detrimental effects of this system for his own personal gain.

In the supposed land of the free and the home of the brave we are currently being held hostage by our President, who would rather let people die because they can’t afford their medication than show congress what’s in his financial records. This isn’t just an act of desperation by a deranged man with too much power. This is more like a last, shuddering death rattle of a system of government that is beyond the point of no return.

The United States is paying the price for decades worth of corruption, sweeping the ugliest aspects of our society under the rug, and pretending like there’s nothing to see. We have that history to thank for Donald Trump, and lives are now literally on the line.

I try so hard not to be cynical.

I try so hard to imagine a near future in which we can all move on from this and heal. But day by day the more I fail to see how that will be possible. The fact that a president is even allowed to get away with that kind of behavior, and have such little regard for our lives with absolutely no repercussions is devastating to say the least.

But if there is any silver lining in this instance, it’s that we might have finally hit rock bottom. Maybe we have finally reached the point where we can say the only place to go from here is up. If I have faith in anything anymore, it’s in the ability of people to organize, rise, and make our voices heard. The ugliest moments in history have the ability to eventually bring out the best in people, and I have to cling to the hope that this is one of those instances.

This article has taken a much more personal tone than I imagined it would when I sat down to write it. At first I envisioned graphs, charts, and numerous detailed examples of price gouging and devastating drug costs. But we all already know so many of those numbers. So many of us live with that reality every single day, or know someone that does. I guess maybe what’s missing from these conversations all too often is letting out a little bit of our sadness and anger, in order to maintain the strength to keep fighting.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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