The Latest Polling Shows Donald Trump and President Biden Are Tied.

At this point, it really could go either way.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 18, 2024
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Before we know it, the election will be here.

The conventions are rapidly approaching, and it’s quickly ramping up in the rematch between former President Donald Trump, and President Joe Biden. Given all that has gone on in recent weeks and months, it’s been interesting to monitor the polling and see how things are affecting the race, if at all. Personally, I’ve been following it more closely since the news of Trump’s convictions, and I’ve been waiting to see how the numbers would shift.

Well, they really haven’t.

Trump and Biden are essentially tied.

Ashley Lopez with NPR writes:

“The presidential election remains essentially tied as President Biden and former President Donald Trump prepare for their first televised debate next week.

According to the latest NPR/PBS News/Marist poll, out Tuesday, Biden and Trump both received 49% support among registered voters nationally. That includes undecided voters who are leaning toward one candidate. The survey had a margin of error of nearly 4 percentage points.

That’s relatively unchanged since last month’s poll.



Lauren Elizabeth

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