The GOP is Aiming For Social Security. Trump Doesn’t Like it.

The former President had advice for Republican lawmakers.

Lauren Elizabeth


Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

Well, we’ve reached the moment that the GOP has been waiting for. The debt ceiling has been reached, and instead of raising it — as to be expected — they right wing is doing exactly what they told us they would do: push for cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

But on an interesting note, none other than Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be liking this approach.

Meredith McGraw with Politico writes:

“Former President Donald Trump issued a warning to Republican lawmakers on Friday: Don’t lay a finger on entitlement programs as part of the debt ceiling showdown with the White House.

“Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security,” Trump said in a video message.

…Republicans have vowed not to raise the federal government’s borrowing capacity unless Biden makes steep cuts to federal spending, potentially impacting social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare. Trump’s video is a warning to his fellow party members not to go there. Instead, he suggests targeting foreign aid, cracking down on migration, ending “left wing gender programs from our military,” and “billions being spent on climate extremism.”…”

Setting aside the obvious, ridiculous hilarity at the thought of Trump believing “left wing gender programs from our military” and “billions being spent on climate extremism” are the cause of our problems, he’s certainly not wrong in warning that cutting Social Security and Medicare would be a problem for Republicans.

They call these programs “entitlements”, with the clear, sole intent of leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth. As though people taking advantage of these benefits are getting something they don’t deserve or earn.

But, Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements” because we’re entitled to the money we put into these programs. When a craven leech in power — Republican or Democrat — argues for cutting these programs make no mistake, they’re stealing from you. That is your money. That is money taken out of your paychecks to ensure you are able to one day…



Lauren Elizabeth

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