The Convenience of Advocating For ‘the Unborn’.

Why so many rally behind a clump of cells.

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The matter of pro choice vs. anti choice is probably one of the most emotionally charged debates in American politics, and the events of recent weeks has only served to escalate the heated conflict. The passage of incredibly strict anti abortion laws in states all throughout the country has raised the dialogue surrounding the issue to a fever pitch, and for good reason. These laws have the potential to turn back the clock on a critical human right that women fought for decades to achieve. Those on the anti abortion side declare passionately that they are merely being a voice for the voiceless, and that they are doing God’s work in advocating for the most vulnerable among us.

But we live in an age where those supposed “most vulnerable” are guaranteed more rights than the individuals expected to bring them in to the world.

For some, it is a matter of principle. For most, it is merely a matter of convenience.

A fetus is not yet black, brown, Muslim, gay, trans, non-binary, or a woman etc. A fetus is not yet poor, or sick. They will challenge no narratives and are of no perceived societal burden to those with a “pick yourself up by the boot straps” mentality. It is incredibly convenient to claim to care about something that poses no threat or challenge to the way someone views the world and the different groups of people that exist within it. It’s very easy to hide behind an entity that can offer no counter arguments to your viewpoints, and is not yet able to come in to the world and be classified as ‘the other’.

If you are not yet born, they have no reason to come to terms with their own internal biases and calculated reasons why they resent you.

By simply hiding behind the unborn, a significant number of those in the anti choice movement (politicians in particular) are able to escape caring about the complexities and systemic challenges that other vulnerable groups of people in the United States face on a daily basis. There is no need to come to terms with uncomfortable societal truths when hiding behind those who aren’t yet living in it.

They claim that a fetus is the equal of a living breathing human being, and yet they face none of the social and economic hardships that will be there the moment they could come in to the world. Once those hardships become the reality for a viable human life form that is living among us, those who claim to be “pro life” can quietly and comfortably turn their backs. For example, all that concern for the unborn virtually ceases to exist when it comes to the mother or even her other young children.

Politicians who claim to care so deeply for these vulnerable entities cease to be concerned when it comes to helping to support the child once the woman has brought it in to the world, and that is a reality “pro life”, anti choice advocates would rather we forgot.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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