The CEO of DeSantis’ Top Super PAC Has Resigned.

Things are continuing to spiral.

Lauren Elizabeth


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It’s become fairly obvious to anyone following politics that things have not exactly gone well for Florida governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. The campaign felt over before it even began, and has been spiraling ever since. Tensions have been growing within his inner circle and of course, they’ve now reached a boiling point.

The CEO of his top super PAC has resigned.

Hannah Knowles and Josh Dawsey with The Washington Post writes:

“The chief executive of Never Back Down, the primary super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid, resigned on Wednesday amid increasingly public tensions over strategy that spilled out anew after close DeSantis allies created a new outside group to run ads.

“Never Back Down’s main goal and sole focus has been to elect Governor Ron DeSantis as President,” the CEO, Chris Jankowski, said in a statement. “Given the current environment it has become untenable for me to deliver on the shared goal and that goes well beyond a difference of strategic opinion.”

Never Back Down, which as a super PAC can raise unlimited donations, has played an unusually large role in the Florida governor’s White House bid, taking over activities traditionally handled by campaigns, such as field organizing. Initially funded with more than $80 million left over from DeSantis’s gubernatorial reelection, it built a massive door-knocking program, hosted many of DeSantis’s events and even took on some of the cost of his private plane travel…”

It’s a matter of time before this campaign collapses completely, and this is jut yet another massive step in that direction.

At this point, it’s not even about votes anymore so much as it’s about financial stability first and foremost. When people see this, who are they ever going to be able to convince to donate money. It’s a sinking ship, and that grows increasingly obvious with each passing week.

Personally, I can’t help wondering what Ron DeSantis does from here.

Will he run again in the future? Will he try for the Senate or congress first instead as a way to retain relevance? It’s hard not to feel like the desperation is growing, and for good reason. I personally don’t see him even giving Florida the opportunity to vote for or against him, considering how bad the numbers look. How he handles these next few months is going to dictate the course of his political future for years to come, and frankly it’s hard to believe he’d do the smart thing.

We’ll see how long DeSantis hangs on for, and how long others decide to stay in his corner before they too abandon ship in search of an opportunity with more chances of success.

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