The Best Way to Defeat Donald Trump?

It doesn’t involve “vote blue no matter who.”

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Probably since the day that Donald Trump was sworn in to office, the democratic party has stressed the importance of “resistance”, and ensuring that he does not get another four years in office. Since the 2016 election, even the most mild critiques of candidates or politicians in the democratic party online in particular will almost certainly be met with “so you’re voting for Trump then?”, or my personal favorite: “you’re just another Russian bot”.

To be fair, the presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden has a better shot at winning this upcoming election than I ever would have imagined when he announced his candidacy well over a year ago. Not that he’s worked for any of it, but it seems to be that at least at this moment in time — thanks to Trump’s near unprecedented ability to bungle — Mr. Biden might even be considered the favorite come November. Over the past few weeks in particular, it appears as though consequences to Trump’s (in)actions throughout these devastating past few months might be catching up to him in the polls not just nationwide, but even more importantly in battleground states as well.

Polls conducted between June 8th and 18th by Siena Research Institute and The Upshot paint an incredibly grim picture for the current occupant of the White House. In Florida, Biden is up by 6 and In Arizona by 7. In North Carolina he leads by 9, and in Pennsylvania he’s up by 10. In Michigan, Biden’s up by 11 and Wisconsin as well. There’s still plenty of time until November and things can of course change, but as it stands right now it’s safe to say that things could not possibly be looking any worse for Donald Trump.

As bad as the battleground state polling is looking, another national poll caught my attention that not only paints another bleak picture for Donald Trump, it lead me to consider perhaps the most devastating manner in which he could be defeated. And no, it does not involve “vote blue no matter who”.

The recent national Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden at 47% with Trump at 37%, but even more interesting was the fact that third party support is at 8%.

Of course this is only one poll but if numbers like this continue and in the battleground states as well, I can honestly think of no better way for Donald Trump to be defeated than to lose to a candidate as weak as Joe Biden, and have a third party gain more than five percent in the polls on top of it. Frankly, it’s surreal to think that’s even a legitimate possibility.

Imagine just for a moment the type of message that would send. Imagine if everyone would take a step back and stop shaming others for their voting decisions in an election where with each passing day, it’s looking as though it’s going to be a landslide anyways. At least right now, it appears as though the left has the luxury of being able to vote their conscience with absolutely no need for the relentless shaming from the more moderate voters in the democratic party. If everyone would just let each other be, the message we could send if we chose to would be incredible.

I want Donald Trump to leave office in shame. I want Joe Biden and the democratic party resenting the patience of the left, and the fact that a third party movement will only continue to build with each coming election. I want Donald Trump defeated while at the same time sending a clear message to the democratic party that their days are numbered, too. Given how this year and the election has turned out thus far I’m not getting my hopes up, but every once in a while it’s nice to imagine the all too rare occurrence of a fairly ideal scenario taking place.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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