Thank You, Cori Bush.

The eviction moratorium has been extended, and it’s thanks to the congresswoman from Missouri.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readAug 5, 2021
AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Well the eviction moratorium has been extended for the next 60 days, in a targeted approach tied to coronavirus outbreaks in counties that would cover the overwhelming majority of Americans. Hundreds of thousands of families, millions of people will be able keep their roofs over their heads, and it’s thanks to none other than Congresswoman Cori Bush.

In a fierce protest against the actions of the leadership of her own party ranging from Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden, Cori slept outside sitting up in a chair on the Capitol steps, refusing to leave until the eviction moratorium was extended. Lo and behold, the Biden administration who had been insisting there was nothing they could do, was suddenly humiliated into extending the moratorium.

Though of course, the White House would have us believe otherwise.

Sam Sacks with The D.C. Sentinel writes on Twitter:

“WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki said Cori Bush’s protest was “moving,” but that phone calls with Pelosi over the weekend were “impactful and influential” in CDC’s decision on eviction moratorium…



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