Ted Cruz Has Some Thoughts About Israel and Joe Biden.

And they’re exactly what you would expect.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Of course there’s not a single Republican politician that I like, but there are few that I dislike more than Texas’ Ted Cruz, and — at least for this of us on the left — for fairly obvious reasons. Personally, it’s more than the politics. I struggle to come up with names of very many politicians who are more smarmy and disingenuous. Cruz has made it abundantly clear there’s not a genuine bone in his body.

And then obviously, he says all the ridiculous things a Republican politician would be expected to say on top of it.

Most recently, his comments had to do with Joe Biden and Israel.

On FOX News, Cruz said:

“Well look, it’s important to understand that Joe Biden has been the most anti-Israel President the United States has ever had. From the very beginning of the Biden administration this administration has undermined the government of Israel at every step. They have done so systematically they’ve done so at a granular level. He is surrounded by radical anti-Israel activists.”

To those who might be reading these words and wondering if he is in fact serious, the answer is no. No, he is not.

Ted Cruz is absolutely shameless. It’s incredible, really, to think about what politicians like him feel entitled to being able to get away with saying to their voters and the public overall without having to face any accountability or honest challenges to their answers. Literally nothing in Ted Cruz’s answer has any basis in reality, and yet he goes on air and says it with such confidence and conviction.

Frankly, that tells us everything we need to know about not just politicians like Ted Cruz, but the media that they turn to to spread these kinds of messages.

FOX News is not journalism. It’s not reporting. It’s the propoganda arm of the Republican Party. The so called “safe space” if you will, for politicians like Ted Cruz to…



Lauren Elizabeth

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