Suddenly Marco Rubio is Siding With Workers?

Let’s talk about his true intentions.

Lauren Elizabeth


Marco Rubio via Photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Ah, Marco Rubio.

Remember when he was supposedly going to be the next shiny new star for the Republican Party? The Senator from Florida was the whole package in the eyes of a once less hostile right wing pundit class, and he was supposed to be the one to take the GOP into the future.

Of course that was all before he met Donald Trump and Chris Christie on the debate stage.

But, that doesn’t mean — like virtually every other narcissistic politicians with deep delusions of grandeur and a desire for more power — that Marco Rubio isn’t going to find ways here and there to attempt to regain his relevance. Right now, he’s attempting to use another potential rail worker strike to get back in the conversation.

Juliana Kaplan with Business Insider writes:

“President Joe Biden this week stepped in to avert a railroad workers’ strike and keep rail infrastructure running, even as workers call for a better contract with access to paid sick leave. Now he’s attracted the ire of Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

“The railways & workers should go back & negotiate a deal that the workers, not just the union bosses, will accept,” Rubio tweeted on Tuesday. “But if Congress is forced to do it,I will not vote to impose a deal that doesn’t have the support of the rail workers.”…

…Congress is able to vote to step in and impose a deal for rail workers, overruling the normal bargaining process. That would shut workers out from striking and from further negotiating over access to paid leave, a key issue for union members. Some Senate Republicans in September called on Congress to step in and force through a deal…”


So not only is Marco Rubio using this moment to take a dig at unions as one could probably predict, he’s attempting to appear as though he’s on the side of workers, and telling them Biden is not.

More than anything else, Marco Rubio’s statement should sends alarm bells telling us, predictably, that Joe Biden is absolutely failing to meet this moment. I mean, when the supposed “FDR 2.0” is getting outflanked — at least in terms of…



Lauren Elizabeth

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