So…What Happened to That “Red Wave” the GOP Was Talking About?

Republicans definitely didn’t have the night they were hoping for.

Lauren Elizabeth


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“Definitely not a red wave, that is for darn sure.”

Well, Lindsey Graham’s not wrong there, is he?

Let’s just say the Republican Party certainly did not have the night they were hoping for. In fact, while it is likely they will have a very, very slim majority in the House, at this point even that isn’t guaranteed. As for the Senate, perhaps one of the highlights of the entire night was seeing John Fetterman win in Pennsylvania, defeating Dr. Oz. Not only is Fetterman an excellent candidate with progressive values, he knows how to campaign, and the naive part of me can’t help hoping that he’s going to teach the Democratic Party something about how to win.

As it stands today, there are too many races still too close to call to get an idea of what the numbers in the House or Senate are going to look like. But, it’s certainly not what Republicans were claiming it would be.

So, what happened to that “red wave”?

I mean, Lauren Boebert might lose her seat.

Republicans are in an interesting predicament. In order to have any chance of winning their primaries, they have to swing about as far right as the can, bending to the will of the base and declaring allegiance to Donald Trump.

It doesn’t appear to be working out too well for them in the general election though, does it?

This election is undoubtedly going to be a moment of reflection for these lawmakers, and the donors in particular. They’re going to have to figure out how to walk that fine line, and it’s admittedly going to be fascinating to watch. This is the bed they have made for themselves, and it’s nice to see them be forced to lie in it.

Of course, this election wasn’t exactly great for the Democrats, either. Sure, they outperformed the polling and I’m genuinely glad they managed to fend off a red wave. But given the numbers we’re likely to be dealing with we’ve got two years of more gridlock to look forward to, and likely to an even worse extent. They managed to fend off a worse case scenario, but we have to be mindful of the fact that voter frustration is likely going to get worse leading into the next election.

All that being said, for now at least I’m going to do my best to focus on the positive. I am absolutely thrilled that John Fetterman made it into the Senate, and I cannot wait to see where this takes him. On a human level this man cares about his state, he’s been through a lot, and he ran an incredible campaign.

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