So Bernie Sanders Hasn’t Ruled Out a 2024 Presidential Run.

The Senator from Vermont might try a third time for the Presidency if Joe Biden doesn’t run, and I hope he does.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readApr 21, 2022


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Since I discovered his campaign when he was polling at just three percent in his first Presidential run in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, I have supported Senator Bernie Sanders throughout both of his Presidential runs. It was an easy decision, considering there isn’t a single lawmaker in Washington who has consistently been so right on the issues, uncorrupted, and approached politics with the purest of intentions to do what’s right for the American people.

Apparently, Bernie might give it one more shot.

Sean Sullivan with The Washington Post writes:

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is open to running for president in 2024 if President Biden declines to seek reelection, according to a campaign memo a top political adviser distributed to allies on Wednesday that was shared with The Washington Post.

“In the event of an open 2024 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Sanders has not ruled out another run for president, so we advise that you answer any questions about 2024 with that in mind,” says the memo from Faiz Shakir, a close Sanders adviser who was his campaign manager when he ran in 2020.

The memo was shared by a person with direct knowledge of its contents on the condition of anonymity because it was not released publicly, and confirmed by a second person with direct knowledge of the contents…”

So there it is: if Joe Biden decides not to run and there is an open primary leading into the 2024 election, Bernie Sanders is considering running. Frankly, knowing what I do about Bernie, his style, and his passion for the legislative goals he’s been fighting for for decades, I would be shocked if he didn’t.

That being said, personally I can’t help feeling a bit conflicted about this news.

Don’t get me wrong, I would support him in a heartbeat if he chooses to run. If Biden at his age feels up to running again, then there’s absolutely no reason why Bernie can’t. But, I hate that he feels as though he has to. If there was someone ready or willing…



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