So According to Some Democrats, the Left are Terrorists?

I am so tired of the gaslighting and abuse.

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As political discourse and demographics have shifted in recent years, the Democratic party has undeniably been forced to grapple with intensifying and increasingly vocal opposition coming from the left. After organizations such as Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, and The Sunrise Movement have continued to grow and mount successful campaigns for candidates like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman, and Cori Bush, it should come as no surprise that the more corporate wing of the Democratic party has taken issue with the left using their political clout to identify their legitimate grievances with the more conservative Democrats.

Recently however, perhaps one of the most absurd and bombastic shots across the bow coming from corporate Democrats was published in Politico.

Alex Thompson and Theodoric Meyer write:

“Some in the Biden camp warn that the left wing of the Democratic Party is already spoiling the goodwill they built up during the presidential campaign with the flurry of attacks this week on President-elect Joe Biden’s early White House appointments.

“I think we are at a fork in the road,” said one Democratic operative in close touch with the Biden campaign. “They can either continue to just beat the drums on the streets or they can start to leverage the relationship they have. It’s up to them which strategy they adopt.”

The left wing’s publicly aggressive tactics could lead Biden to just tune them out altogether. “If all you do is escalate, then people eventually think that you’re enemies and not friends and they’re like: ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists,’” said Jess Morales Rocketto, a Democratic strategist who supports many of the left wing’s goals.

The chill in the relationship comes after a number of progressive groups and politicians made clear this week that there would not be any honeymoon period for the new Democratic administration.

…Firing arrows now may get headlines, but it is also the fastest way to lose influence with Biden’s inner circle, which values bridge-builders, some say.”

After comparing people who are demanding basics like a right to healthcare and a habitable planet for their children to terrorists, I have to — if nothing else — give credit to Ms. Morales Rocketto for at least having the guts to put her name behind these types of comments.

It’s incredible how quickly the calls for unity end as soon as the election is over, isn’t it?

It’s difficult not to take in these words, and feel as though the relationship between the Democrats and the masses are nothing less than abusive. Year after year, election cycle after election cycle, we are told that they have our best interests no matter how many times their actions prove otherwise. We are brow-beaten with claims that any calls for them to do better must mean we just want a Republican to win. We are chastised and called extremists for wanting nothing more than to ensure that the basic human needs of the working classes are met. The left are identified as radical for nothing more than actually fighting for policies that are overwhelmingly supported by the public overall, like a transition to a government-run healthcare plan. Day in and day out, we are told not to believe our lying eyes, and that we are now not only “fringe”, but terrorists for having the audacity to fight for what voters actually want.

After the left objectively delivered this election for him, did Joe Biden really believe he was going to be able to get away with floating names like Rahm Emanuel for a cabinet position, or selecting someone like Cedric Richmond — who takes more money from the oil and gas industry than almost any other Democrat — to be a senior advisor and the “liaison” between big business and climate activists? Are we supposed to be happy with the fact that deficit hawks like Bruce Reed will be in Biden’s ear? I’m not sure how much more clear the Democratic Party could make it that they will not be satisfied unless the left sits down, shuts up, and stays quiet until they need us to organize for voter turnout on their behalf. They have the audacity to demand that we vote for them, and then liken us to terrorists for taking issue with the ugly reality that they are more interested in courting Republicans as opposed to the people who elected them into office.

Meanwhile, sitting Representative Anthony Sabatini tweeted:


Is that who Joe Biden expects to unite and heal with, while his party berates the left?

Not even a month after he was elected, Joe Biden has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no such thing as pushing someone like him to the left after he’s already taken power, and the liberals who insisted it was possible have in interest in even trying. I am not at all surprised that Joe Biden’s cabinet is shaping up to be even worse than I imagined it would be, but to be called “terrorists” for doing nothing more than using our steadily growing organizing abilities and leverage in a last ditch effort to demand better is something that will stay with me for a long time.

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Lauren is a writer & leftist with analysis on topics related to politics & policy. She can be reached at or Twitter @xlauren_mx

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