Senator Sinema, Look Up.

A response to one of the Arizona Senator’s latest tweets.

Lauren Elizabeth


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In spite of the fact that critics seem to be giving it mixed reviews, the film Don’t Look Up — written by Adam McKay and syndicated journalist and former top advisor to Bernie Sanders David Sirota — has seen an incredible response from viewers. In fact, it appears to have surpassed more views than any of the other top ten on Netflix combined, and has made Netflix history with the most views in a week on the platform.

Evidently, what is arguably one of the most culturally significant films of our time has garnered the attention of lawmakers as well. I recently realized that none other than Senator Kyrsten Sinema had tweeted about the film as well, sharing a link and tweeting:

“Very cool — University of Arizona professor Amy Maizner advised actors for the ‘Don’t Look Up’ Film.”

Suffice it to say that anyone who has seen the movie understands the absurdity of her tweet.

In the interest of not revealing any spoilers, all it takes is watching the trailer or reading an article concerning the film to know the film is a giant metaphor regarding how the world, and the United States in particular, is choosing to handle the climate crisis.

Interesting how Sinema flaunts her fellow professor’s work on the film, knowing that she has in fact helped to kill the piece of Biden’s agenda that was designed to fight the climate crisis.

Does Senator Sinema not realize that in the movie, she would be counted among the villains? Does she not realize that she, along with Joe Manchin and others, are the ones essentially telling us to “sit tight and assess” when it comes not only to the climate crisis, but the impending wave of right wing authoritarianism as well? Over the past forty years, what do Democrats have to show for their leadership? No higher wages, universal healthcare, voting rights, or significant climate legislation, and over 1,000 seats lost at all levels of government across the country during the Obama years alone.

I mean, there’s a reason why they never specifically told us the political party that the President, played by Meryl Streep in the movie…



Lauren Elizabeth

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