Senator Sinema: “I’m a Daily Example That Bipartisanship is Possible.”

Oh, are you really?

Lauren Elizabeth


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At this point, it’s safe to assume beyond a shadow of a doubt that Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema enjoy their position as the face of obstruction to any progress whatsoever. Senator Sinema in particular seems to revel in it. After all, how can we forget the infamous spectacle she made of voting down the $15 minimum wage, and trying to get Mitch McConnell’s attention before she did it?

Of course, Senator Sinema’s absurdity doesn’t end there.

When pressed, yet again, about her opposition to filibuster reform, Sinema began her response in a now viral video by saying:

“I am a daily example that bipartisanship is possible.”

Oh, is she really?

Was it a daily example of the possibilities of bipartisanship when not a single Republican lawmaker voted for the covid-19 relief bill? When Mitch McConnell says his top priority is to stop Joe Biden’s agenda, are we supposed to be glad that Senator Sinema is still “reaching out”?

The longer these ridiculous games are played, the more I begin to realize what frustrates me most about Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema is the daily insult to the intelligence of their voters. It takes a certain type of person to stand in front of a camera and lie that brazenly to the American people, and essentially ask them ‘what are you gonna do about it?’. She knows her rationales are nonsense, that we know it, too, and yet it doesn’t stop her from treating us like we can’t see through her facade.

Kyrsten Sinema has accomplished absolutely nothing, and her efforts towards ‘bipartisanship’ have not only made her look ridiculous, but it’s a slap in the face to the American people. I’m not sure who is a better embodiment of the spinelessness, the ineffectiveness, or the rot that pervades through the corporate wing of the Democratic party than Kyrsten Sinema, and she seems to thoroughly enjoy throwing it in the face of the voters.

Sinema couldn’t even bring herself to show up to vote for the January 6th commission, and she has the temerity to act as though we should take her seriously? That being said, she’s correct in the sense that her supposed “bipartisanship” has worked to needlessly maintain the Washington gridlock, and the status quo that continues to devastate this country. Bipartisanship that continues to stomp on America’s middle class and poor, and send the country on its continued path toward right wing, autocratic rule.

As an anonymous user on Twitter so brilliantly put it in response to her:

“I would love to hear the Senator explain how allowing 35 votes to beat 54 votes protects democracy.”

I’m not sure how much more clear it could be that all of this is nothing more than a game to Senators like Kyrsten Sinema. All theatre, and we should be disgusted.



Lauren Elizabeth

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