Ron DeSantis’ Lawyer Was Asked to Define “Woke”.

Let’s talk about the answer.

Lauren Elizabeth


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We all know there are a few words Republicans like to throw around to rile up the base, and generate the anger they feed off of in order to stay in power. Groomer and pedophile are just a couple of their buzzwords that get thrown in a lot. Oh, and of course the classic… “woke”. But, what does that word “woke” actually mean, particularly to a Republican?

Well recently, in the trial challenging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ suspension of Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, DeSantis’ lead lawyer said that “woke” means:

“it would be the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them.”

Ah. Interesting.

So evidently in the mind of a Republican lawyer, “woke” simply means that the United States has systemic issues that need to be addressed, and apparently having that viewpoint makes you a “woke ideologue”, as he said earlier when describing Warren.

The lawyer’s definition of what the word meant is an instant clarification as to why they have never really been inclined to define it before then, isn’t it?

With that definition, if they at least took the time to think about what that means, even most Republicans would consider themselves “woke”. How could they not, when they’re seeing their friends and families or even themselves personally struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Today, there are thousands of elderly people cutting their pills in half so that they can make their medications last longer. Right now, there are millions of Americans panicking because they’ve been notified about a rent increase they’ve got no idea how they’re going to pay for, and they can’t afford to move.

Even setting aside the racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny that the right wing loves to ignore, those economic problems people are dealing with would be just a few of the systemic issues we’re facing, no?

“Woke” has been nothing more than a term used to deflect, and that’s it. It’s meaningless, and they know it. They know there are systemic issues, and that term is merely used to minimize and draw negative feelings from a right wing base that’s also struggling. When it comes to people like Ron DeSantis and those who work from him, they have become masters at drawing on the knee-jerk reactions and fear that Republicans have of whatever it is that they don’t understand. Using words like “woke” is an immediate way for them to get the right wing to disregard whatever point the left might be trying to make.

I’ve grown so sick and tired of pointing out that the right is good for nothing more than distraction as they rob you, but they seem to remind us on a consistent basis don’t they?

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Lauren Elizabeth

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