Ron DeSantis’ Campaign is Reeling, and so is the Staff.

Things are getting ugly behind the scenes.

Lauren Elizabeth


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It’s no secret that Ron DeSantis’ campaign has been all but finished since before it even really got started. His message has failed to resonate outside of Florida, he attached himself too closely to Trump in his previous election for anyone to take him seriously if or when he tries to attack him, and he was so afraid of missing the moment that he most likely ruined any more future plans to run for President entirely.

The campaign is reeling, and apparently so is the staff.

Dasha Burns, Matt Dixon, Natasha Korecki and Jonathan Allen with NBC write:

“Leaders of Ron DeSantis’ Never Back Down super PAC met privately last Tuesday to hash out a strategy for fighting Nikki Haley’s rise in the polls. Instead, two of them nearly came to blows.

Jeff Roe, the top consultant for the super PAC, got into a heated argument with longtime DeSantis confidant Scott Wagner while a small group of nine board members and senior staff were discussing budgeting.

“You have a stick up your a — , Scott,” Roe fumed at Wagner, who is a member of the Never Back Down board.

“Why don’t you come over here and get it?” Wagner responded, rising from his chair. He was quickly restrained by two fellow board members. The interaction was relayed to NBC News by a source who was in the room…”

Well, that’s certainly a sign that things seem to be going well?

It seems as though every day, we’re hearing more reports or seeing more polls that tell us it’s only a matter of time before this campaign crumbles. It’s run its course, and I’ll be interested to see how long they cling to it.

I get the sense they thought this was going to be a cakewalk.

They thought this election would be handed to them. They thought that no one else would dare to challenge Donald Trump. The trouble is, there are a significant number of other Republicans just like them who fell into the same thinking. They all thought they were going to be the ones. They all thought they had the message that would somehow beat Donald Trump, and no one else would really be able to challenge them.

Well now, they’re in the middle of a crowded field with floundering campaigns, and they’re beginning to panic. It’s not just Ron DeSantis whose future plans are riding on this. His entire staff is hoping to use this as an opportunity to propel themselves forward as well, and they’re struggling to handle the lack of success.

Personally, I love it. The further any of these people are from a position of higher power the better, and it’s undeniably satisfying to begin to see them turning. on each other.

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