Ron DeSantis Announced He’s Running For President.

So what can we expect from his campaign?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMay 24


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Well, the day has come.

Finally, after months and months of speculation and running around the country pandering to all the right people, Ron DeSantis has officially announced that he will be running for President in 2024. As I’ve said before, while DeSantis might theoretically be more dangerous than Trump should he actually get elected, this campaign has felt over before it even started for months now.

But what does this campaign actually look like?

One thing is for certain…Polls consistently show him trailing by over 30 points. Ron DeSantis does not have the charisma or desire to do what it will take in order to substantively close the deficit he’s looking at when it comes to running against Donald Trump.

Personally, I’m just curious to see how DeSantis is going to respond when things inevitably begin to fall apart. How is he going to treat Donald Trump? How is he going to respond when Trump uses the platform of the debate stage to remind the national audience that he’s responsible for his career? What’s going to happen when he lets out one of those terrifyingly awkward laughs during a televised town hall?

It’s a disaster that I for one cannot wait to watch happen. Is DeSantis just going to fade away quietly and slink back into Florida hoping for better luck in 2028, or will he simply decide he has nothing to lose and fight until the bitter end?

As amusing as it might be to imagine DeSantis really putting up a fight in this race, we all know the man won’t. He’s proven himself to be a coward through to his very core, and is setting himself up for a campaign flop that will rival Cruz publicly phone banking for Trump after he called his wife ugly.

At least nothing can be worse than that, right?

Obviously, there’s the caveat that a lot can happen between now and the end of the Republican primary. It’s still early, and all we can do is speculate about how this primary will actually go. But it’s difficult to see how much of a factor DeSantis can realistically be in this election cycle when he has less personality than a soup can and no ability to relate to people or even act remotely comfortable in a campaign setting on the national stage.

As of right now at least, I’m ready to enjoy the inevitable implosion for Ron DeSantis, and the rare instance where a politician gets exactly what they so richly deserve.

At least we’ll get some entertainment out of the debates I suppose.

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