Rep. Marjorie Greene’s Book Was a Massive Flop.

Let’s dive into why.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readNov 30, 2023
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For a few years now, Georgia Representative Marjorie Greene has been working hard to stay relevant and for the most part, succeeding. Following a similar path to Ron DeSantis, Greene made the conscious decision to attach herself to the hip of Donald Trump and allow her career to live or die with his success with the base. She has been one of the most successful small dollar fundraisers for the Republican Party, and has stayed in the good graces of Trump’s supporters.

To bad her book’s not doing well.

James Bickerton with Newsweek writes:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene’s new book MTG, which claims to reveal “the battles she fights in the halls of Congress and beyond,” has plummeted down the Amazon bestsellers list in just over 24 hours.

According to figures from the retail giant the work is now just the 541,331st most popular book for sale on its website, ranked 9,914 in the ‘Women’s Biographies’ sector.

Ron Flipkowski, editor in chief of self-styled “pro-democracy news network” MeidasTouch, noticed the book was in freefall in the Amazon sellers list on Tuesday. Posting on X, formerly Twitter, he said: “Marge’s book dropped another 1,000 spots on Amazon in the last 24 hours…”



Lauren Elizabeth

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