Rep. Lauren Boebert Shared Some Thoughts on Birth Control.

And they’re as ridiculous as you would think.

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readMay 27


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There are a lot of ways we could chose to describe today’s Republican Party, and exhausting would absolutely be one of them. The gaslighting. The compulsive need to stir up some kind of narrative that will generate a headline. The brazen hypocrisy they engage in. It’s relentless and intentionally so, and they are motivated by the desire to keep people too exhausted and frustrated to keep up.

If anyone engages in all of this mess, it would certainly be GOP Representative Lauren Boebert, who recently decided to share some thoughts on birth control and the costs in particular.

Sarah Fortinsky with The Hill writes:

“Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) said during a hearing on drug pricing that she once declined to pay for birth control medicine when she saw how high the price was at the pharmacy.

Boebert recalled thinking at the time, “It’s cheaper to have a kid.”…”

It’s cheaper to have kids than be on birth control?

Honestly, the idea that those words would even come out of her mouth is just indicative of how profoundly lazy this lawmaker is. Either she’s just flat out lying or in her case, was just too lazy to even bother looking something up before saying anything when the thought occurred to her.

All it takes is a simple google search to learn that on average here in the United States, raising a child can cost over $16,000. Cost of course will vary based on where someone lives or have multiple children who might be able to pass down clothes for example, but it shouldn’t even have to be said that obviously, raising a child in the United States is more expensive than birth control. The cost isn’t even comparable, and every single reasonable person knows this. All Boebert is doing is attempting to make the notion of the right wing systematic attempt at doing away with reproductive rights more palatable in the most ridiculous way possible.

She is out of touch and lazy. Nothing more, nothing less.

It seems as though on a weekly basis, we’re given reasons to point out how little the right wing actually thinks of their base. She has the nerve to casually toss this out there, insulting the intelligence of the people she represents who are all too aware of the financial cost of raising a child. Lauren Boebert is entitled and deeply unserious, and the fact that she currently sits in a position of power should disgust us. But, this is the path that the right wing has embraced, and it’s going to be interesting to see where it takes them in the future.

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