Rep. George Santos Has Been Expelled From Congress.

He had a good run.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Well, it was certainly a wild ride for New York Representative George Santos, and has been since before he was even sworn in. From the very beginning it seems his tenure was marked with every controversy imaginable, and it’s difficult to come up with something about himself or his qualifications that he didn’t just flat out lie about. Eventually, as shocking as might seem given how little accountability lawmakers deal with these days, everything finally caught up with him.

Christopher Wilson with Yahoo News writes:

“Embattled New York Rep. George Santos was expelled from the House on Friday in a historic vote following a House Ethics Committee investigation into alleged fraud perpetrated by his campaign after months of scandals around the freshman Republican lawmaker.

Following the release of the ethics report last month, Santos, 35, said he would not seek reelection to the Long Island-area seat he won in 2022. The congressman, however, said he would not resign because if he did, the “bullies” would win.

…When asked for his reaction following the result, Santos said, “It’s over. What reaction?” Asked if he would use his privileges as a former congressman to visit the House floor in the future, he replied, “To hell with this place.”…”

“To hell with this place…”

A fitting end, no?

It’s difficult to imagine this tenure coming to end in a way that’s any less tumultuous, but the fact that it came to an end at all speaks to the volumes of just how bizarre it all truly was.

Wilson’s article went on to rattle off everything Santos had been involved in, ranging from lies about his religion, education, and employment background to stealing from a Gofundme campaign that was supposed to help the dying dog of a military service member.

As only the sixth member of congress to be expelled in the history of the entire United States, Santos has left his mark. But, his story definitely speaks to the level of what people think they can get away with in order to attain power, and how little respect he had for the voters in his district. Frankly, it’s going to be fascinating to see what his next move is.

Will Santos try and cash in, or just simply disappear?

From what he’s shown us thus far, I don’t envision him going anywhere quietly. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t attempt to cash in with a memoir or get involved with the media. We haven’t seen the last of Santos, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how he tries to get himself back into the good graces of the Republican base.

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