Rail Workers Are Ready to Strike. Biden’s Calling on Congress to Stop Them.

These workers deserve so much better.

Lauren Elizabeth


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Well, the news of a potential rail worker strike is in the news again. This time, because the workers were vehemently against the deal that their leadership agreed to not long ago in a hasty attempt to avert a strike, and justifiably so. They have virtually no paid sick leave, and were only given one day following negotiations so naturally, there was bound to be some discontent. Frankly, given the impact it will inevitably have on the economy, our Democratic lawmakers in particular are lucky these workers were kind enough to delay another strike vote until after the midterm elections.

Well now the December 9th date is approaching, and Biden is calling on congress to prevent them from striking.

Donald Judd, Paul LeBlanc and Manu Raju with CNN report:

Democratic leaders say they could act as soon as this week after President Joe Biden on Monday called on Congress to pass legislation “immediately” to avert a rail shutdown by officially adopting a September tentative agreement approved by labor and management leaders.

“I am calling on Congress to pass legislation immediately to adopt the Tentative Agreement between railroad workers and operators — without any modifications or delay — to avert a potentially crippling national rail shutdown,” Biden said in a statement…

…A rail strike could become a reality as early as December 9, causing shortages, spiking prices and halting factory production. It could also disrupt commuter rail services for up to seven million travelers a day and the transportation of 6,300 carloads of food and farm products a day, among other items, according to a collection of business groups.

Additionally, a freight rail strike could cost the US economy $1 billion in its first week alone, according to a new analysis from the Anderson Economic Group…”

I mean…the framing is just incredible.

I love how the onus is being put on the workers, as though it isn’t these massive corporations who refuse to give their workers what they deserve. All of the framing seems to be wagging the fingers at these workers, as if to say “you…



Lauren Elizabeth

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