Quit, Senator Rubio. Please.

What are you in Washington for anyway?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readAug 8, 2022


Marco Rubio via Drew Angerer/Pool via AP, File

Well, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is in a little bit of hot water these days, and for good reason. This time, he’s facing backlash for a since deleted tweet in which he complained about having to do the job he ran for and was elected to do ahead of this past weekend’s vote a rama.

Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg got the screenshot before it was deleted, though, and made sure to share it with his hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.

Rubio’s tweet said:

“Woke up at 5am to a 3am email that my 8:30am flight was cancelled but they rebooked me on an 8pm flight tomorrow night with one connection. Now in D.C. for the joy that is “vote a rama” on a garbage bill.”

Ah yes, poor Marco Rubio.

If it’s any consolation for the poor man who makes six figures every year being paid with tax payer money to do this job he campaigned and got elected for, at least he got to use the “vote a rama” to propose an amendment to the Inflation Reduction Act that would limit federal pregnancy resources to “biological females”.

Let it sink in. Please.

Let it sink in that your taxpayer money pays this man who doesn’t even want to do his job, and uses his time for nonsense like this. In fact, over the course of his career in the Senate, Rubio has made millions from his taxpayer funded salary alone. That doesn’t even account for the money he potentially could have made from insider training, which wouldn’t be surprising considering those in positions of power like him outperform the stock market on a consistent basis. And yet, he has the nerve to complain.

Quit, Mr. Rubio. By all means.

It’s certainly not as though he’s actually used his position of power to do much good for his Florida constituents. There’s nothing keeping him there, after all. He’s welcome to leave, and our government would be better off for it. If he hates being expected to do the job so much, then he should go.



Lauren Elizabeth

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