Organizers Who Got Kyrsten Sinema Elected Are Ready to Oust Her.

Goodbye Senator, and good riddance.

Lauren Elizabeth
4 min readJul 4, 2021


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Part of me has grown tired of discussing Kyrsten Sinema.

I’ve grown tired of discussing Joe Manchin, Senate Democrats, and discussing the motives behind their actions which only grow increasingly obvious with each passing day. But perhaps the most frustrating aspect of all of it is the fact that we really have no choice but to discuss these people, considering their obstructionism is standing in the way of virtually every single meaningful policy proposal the left would like to see passed. Granted, the left lost in 2020. There’s no way around it, and it would have been foolish to expect from a Biden administration what we would have expected from someone like Bernie Sanders. That said, when we can’t even rely on Senators like Kyrsten Sinema to get behind crucial voting rights legislation or filibuster reform, then we have no choice but to identify them as the threats and bad faith actors that they are.

As someone who absolutely loves electoral politics, I have to admit it is interesting to consider how Sinema is going to do in a few years time when she is up for re-election in the state of Arizona. While I’ve hesitantly speculated about whether or not she would win a second term given her antics, it now feels increasingly safe to say she won’t even make it through the Democratic primary due to her own actions and the path she has chosen.

It wasn’t long ago that CNN reported on Alejandra Gomez, who — as one of the organizers responsible for getting Sinema into power — did not hold back in expressing her frustration with the Senator. Gomez also uttered one of the most ominous signs of what was to come for Sinema when asked about a primary challenger potentially leading to a Republican taking the seat, when she responded with:

“There’s already a Republican in that seat.”

Unfortunately for Sinema, with each passing day, this sentiment among organizers on the ground only continues to intensify.

MSN recently ran an article discussing César Fierros, communication manager for Living United for Change in Arizona, a group that knocked on 2.5 million doors in the state in the previous election. Like Gomez, Fierros…



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