Once Again, Hillary Clinton Has Emerged to Lecture the Left.

What else is she good for?

Lauren Elizabeth
3 min readJun 21, 2022


Hillary Clinton via Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters

There’s really not much that Hillary Clinton is good for, at least politically.

It never ceases to amaze me that she’s not seen as a pariah in Democratic politics, considering the fact that she literally elevated the campaign of Donald Trump and then managed to lose to him. One of the most unintelligent, inexperienced, hateful, and laughable people who have ever been on the ballot. In a rational world, she wouldn’t make public comments regarding politics and strategy for the rest of her life. And yet here we are, with Clinton feeling the need to emerge every six months or so to lecture the left, and give her unnecessary input on what the Democratic Party should do in order to win.

This time, she felt the need to tell the Democratic Party that rights for transgender people should not be a priority heading into the election.

Online, I happened to stumble across an excerpt from her interview with Financial Times, where in regards to the transgender “debate” she was quoted as saying:

“We are on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window. Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.”

Frankly, it’s almost as pathetic as it is infuriating.

Who is Hillary Clinton, of all people, to lecture us on what to care about? Who is she to brush off an entire community of marginalized people, who have fought harder for human rights than Hillary Clinton ever has? Who is she to brush off their humanity as unimportant, as the right wing continues to grow increasingly genocidal — both in rhetoric and in actions — towards them, as they search for a direction for their hatred?

Families of transgender teenagers are literally facing child abuse allegations in Texas, but that’s not important?



Lauren Elizabeth

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