Now Chris Christie is Running For President Again, too.

The Republican primary is going to be a field day.

Lauren Elizabeth
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If the 2016 Republican primary was a field day, then the 2024 primary is shaping up to be a repeat to say the least. We’ve already seen Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Ron DeSantis enter the primary in an effort to somehow prevent Trump from becoming the nominee, and now former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has apparently made the decision to enter the race as well.

Mike Allen with Axios writes:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to announce his 2024 Republican candidacy for president next Tuesday in New Hampshire, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Christie, 60, is a former close Trump ally who now calls the former president a “coward” and “puppet of Putin.” He gives traditional Republicans a horse — but seems to have a narrow market in today’s GOP.

Driving the news: Christie is expected to make the announcement at a town hall at Saint Anselm College at 6:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday…”

Much like the others who decided to throw their names in, Chris Christie joins the list of candidates who have absolutely no chance of beating Donald Trump. Though I do expect him to be far more aggressive than DeSantis, Haley, or Tim Scott when it comes to dealing with Trump, we already have seen him fall short.

And we all know how Trump’s going to attack him, right?

It’ll be similar to the way he approaches DeSantis. Trump won’t hesitate to remind the audience that Christie was once firmly in his corner and will peg him as being disloyal to the man they view as a demi-God. Christie isn’t going to take poll numbers away from Trump. Instead it’s more likely he takes them from DeSantis.

Honestly, the more the merrier. If nothing else, we can rely on the debates to be at least a little bit entertaining. By all means, let them pick each other apart. It’s clear they all have a savior complex for the GOP, and want to be the one who stands out from the pack in the eyes of the donor class. They want to be the ones who can save the Party from Trump, and it’s fascinating to watch all of these people remind us of how narcissistic and sociopathic politicians can truly be.

A lot can change between now and the first set of elections and even the first debate, but right now none of them have a chance and it’s incredible that some of them seem to have fooled themselves into believing anything else. They handed the GOP over to Trump, and he’s certainly not about to give it back without a fight.

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