No, Joe Biden’s Not Dropping Out.

Probably time to stop speculating about it.

Lauren Elizabeth


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It feels as though President Joe Biden isn’t really discussed these days without the conversation or narrative shifting to his age. Understandably so if we’re being honest, considering how we’re about to go into one of the most pivotal elections of our era with a man over 80 who hasn’t exactly used his tenure as President to give anyone a reason to be excited.

It never really felt as though this was the plan, did it?

I genuinely don’t think that this is what the Democratic Party had in mind when they rallied, and were more than willing to coalesce around Biden if it meant stopping Bernie Sanders. Surely, when Obama picked up the phone and encouraged other candidates to drop out and endorse Biden, he didn’t expect a scenario where Biden would be running again? Kamala Harris was supposed to be the sure thing eventually, right?

Except, here we are, with Harris nor Buttigieg ever gaining traction and Biden once again running again because the party found no other alternative. Naturally though, of course, there’s still some who chose to speculate about the hypotheticals of who would take over if he were to drop out of the race.

John L. Dorman with Business Insider writes:

“What does this all mean? Biden is unlikely to leave the race, especially as he romped in the South Carolina Democratic primary earlier this month and is committed to a likely rematch with Trump. But speculation about whether he’ll bow out of the contest continues to swirl.

In the event that Biden does somehow bow out during the primaries after gaining a majority of the 3,936 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination, a new nominee would have to be selected at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August. But it’d be a messy process given that the primaries are already underway.”

The thing is…it’s not happening.

It’s a waste of time to even consider at this point. Frankly, nothing more than wishful thinking. Not that I can blame people, if I’m being honest. It’s hard to feel encouraged by the thought of Biden in power and at the helm for another four years. Joe Biden’s only stepping aside if the powers that be within the donor circle connected to the Democratic Party tell him to, and they would have done so long before now. The election is less than nine months away.

It’s just not happening.

That being said, there are certainly people doing what they can to bide their time and make a name for themselves. They know the race to be the heir apparent is open, and people like Gavin Newsom have smelled the weakness coming from the likes of Buttigieg or Harris for quite some time. He’ll certainly be waiting in the wings in 2028, ready to seize his opportunity and win the Democratic primary.

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Lauren Elizabeth

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