Marjorie Greene is Openly Calling for Christian Nationalism Now.

Rep. Greene has some thoughts on the direction of the country.

Lauren Elizabeth


Marjorie Greene via AP Photo/John Bazemore, Pool

Georgia Representative Marjorie Greene loves attention and at any cost, really. Similar to Donald Trump, she loves a headline and she loves stoking the worst elements of the Republican base in order to get it.

This time though, she’s not even pretending to bother with a subtle dog whistle.

Thomas Kinka with Newsweek writes:

“…The congresswoman appeared at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit this weekend in Tampa, Florida. Among the many things she discussed while onstage, she discussed the label of “Chrisitan nationalist” that critics have often given her. She argued that being a Christian nationalist is a positive thing, and urged the young conservatives in attendance to more prominently mix Christianity with politics.

“That’s not a bad word,” Greene said. “That’s actually a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with leading with your faith…If we do not live our lives and vote like we are nationalists — caring about our country, and putting our country first and wanting that to be the focus of our federal government — if we do not lead that way, then we will not be able to fix it.”…”

The article went on to state that she doubled down on the sentiment during a video interview for an online show, where she said:

“We need to be the party of nationalism…I’m a Christian, and I say it proudly — we should be Christian nationalists.”

Ah yes, christian nationalists. You know who else were christian nationalists?

The Ku Klux Klan.

You know who else were fervent nationalists and wore belt buckles with the words “God is with us” on their uniforms?


Suffice it to say that yes, christian nationalism — or nationalism of any kind for that matter — is a very, very bad thing.

Since stumbling across this stories, I was admittedly a little torn as to whether to come to the conclusion that she genuinely knows what christian nationalism is, or…



Lauren Elizabeth

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